The Misfit Corner Comics Video Podcast Presents the September Sketch A Day video Series

by Artist Andrew Charipar

For the month of September, we attempted to do 30 videos in 30 days but unfortunately it did not happen that way.  Here are the videos we made.  Enjoy


The first Sketch A Day video. At this point, I'm still playing with the quality and the speed and will eventually add an audio track... The sketch is my creator owned character HERO.
This is my second Sketch A Day video. This time I went with a bigger subject and a longer time but still need to work on the audio... That's coming. The characters are Granny Ora and her kin from Book Two of HERO (in progress now).
This is my third Sketch A Day video and this time I added a little mood music. HA. These are a few characters from my book HERO. HERO, Maurice the mouse and Pudge the bird. This is a panel from page 40 of the new HERO Book Two.
The 4th video in my Sketch A Day series. This is for a background for HERO Book Two. I added a little music to the video.
This is the 5th Sketch A Day video where I finished the background image from the day before. I forgot to charge the battery in the camera so the video cuts out at the end. Sorry about that...
This the 6th Sketch A Day video and features HERO and Granny Ora. This is the 2nd panel for page 42 of HERO Book Two. I started with a quick pencil sketch then put that on my light table and cleaned up the image. Enjoy -Drew
This is the 7th Sketch A Day video. It's me working on a new character(s) that will be loosely based on a weasel. He (they) are also bad guys so they should be a little more scary and evil looking and not so cute and cuddly.
This is the 8th Sketch A Day video and is the start of a large pin up. The first step is to draw each of the main characters separately then I will arrange them digitally and start on the actual drawing. i still need to layout the background characters but that will be tomorrows video.
This is the 9th Sketch A Day video and I know its a little bit of a cheat. I sketched these three characters in my sketch book WITHOUT the camera and cleaned them up here for the larger illustration... More soon. -Drew
This is my 10th video in my Sketch A Day series. I spent a few minutes tightening up the original sketches of the three main characters.
The 11th Sketch A Day video... This one is kind of cool. I added an audio file that is me talking through the speed video. I talk about the subject and my process. Enjoy -Drew
This is the 12th Sketch A Day video in my September Series. I hope to do 1 video each day from now through October 4th (I leave for NY on Oct 5th so I won't be making any other videos then). This time I wrap up this large illustration for Chapter 11 of Book Two of HERO.
This is the 13th video in my September Sketch A Day video series and today I stepped away from HERO for a little but and drew a Ben 10 alien per my sons request... Ghostfreak. Enjoy -Drew
This is the 14th video in my September Sketch A Day video series. Enjoy -Drew
This is the 15th video in my September Sketch A Day Video Series. Drawing HERO. Enjoy -Drew
This is the 16th Video in my September Sketch A Day Video Series. Catching up on HERO pages with this action panel from Chapter 9. HERO to the rescue! Enjoy -Drew