Batgirl is my all-time favorite comic book character and I have collected sketches of her for years.  I love getting sketches from famous, well known artists as well as the hidden gems of unknown or up-and-coming artists.  I am always looking for new artist interpretations of my favorite character and add new sketches every chance I get... So check back often for new additions.

Batgirl by Al Bigley

Batgirl by Mike Norton

Batgirl by Art Baltazar

Batgirl by Walter Simonson

Batgirl by Jamie Fay

Batgirl by Rich Bernatovech

Batgirl by Andrew MacLean

Batgirl by Joe Haley and TJ Dort

Batgirl by Mike Maihack

Batgirl by Luciano Vecchio

Batgirl by Philip Sloan

Batgirl by Emily Cheeseman

Batgirl by Jason Baroody

Batgirl by Adam Hughes

Batgirl by Kristen Gudsnuk

Batgirl by Carlos Mangual

Batgirl by Kate Carleton

Batgirl by Jason Latour

Batgirl by Dave Alvarez

Batgirl by Kurt Wood

Batgirl by Mark Texiera

Batgirl by Todd Wahnish

Batgirl by Gregg Schigiel

Batgirl by Scoot McMahon

Batgirl by Andy Price

Batgirl by Derrick Fish

This collection is of Misfit Corner Comics characters drawn by a variety of Great artists. From the Frankenstein Cop from Tales From The Cornerstone to HERO from HERO (of course).  I'm always looking for new artists to add to the Misfit Corner Comics Collection and will be adding new sketches all the time... So check back soon.

Ricky 17 by Art Baltazar

Ricky 17 by Franco

HERO by Rich Bernatovech

HERO by Harold C. Jennett III

This collection is of sketches of Creator Owned Character... By their Creators.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by Peter Laird

Kee-Fu Fighters by Todd Wahnish

Sundra Peale by Steve Rude

Ignacia by Todd Nauck